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The CCBC Jerusalem Study Tour is a ministry of Jerusalem Light and an affiliate of CCBC. Each fall and spring semester we invite all CCBC students to come and join us, as we chronologically examine all four accounts of the Life of Messiah in the Land where He spent His life and ministry. In the midst of our studies, we take the bible in our hands and tour the Land of Israel. We will go to sites like Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, the Dead Sea and many more. This is an extraordinary opportunity to spend three months growing in your faith, understanding and seeing with your own eyes the land of Israel…and you will see the faithfulness of God.

CCBC Jerusalem was such an incredible location to learn about the life of the Messiah. Looking back I’m so thankful I had those three months living in Jerusalem with incredible classmates. The overseers of the campus are so hospitable and loving, making you feel at home. I learned so much about the Jewish culture along with the Bible coming to life. If I could go back to Israel, I’d be there in an instant!

-Hope Greenberg

I attended CCBC Jerusalem in the fall of 2018. I highly recommend coming and attending if you get the chance. There is nothing like being able to immerse yourself in the culture of Jerusalem. Going on the tours is a really awesome experience but the biggest take away for me were living my day to day life in the Old City. Getting to go hike the Mount of Olives whenever or going down to the Western Wall to just sit and reflect were some of the highlights. The group that I got to be apart of became family and we have on multiple occasions gotten together in the states just to be with one another and share stories of Jerusalem and our time in Israel. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience! You can go on the 10 day tours and see many of the sites you see during your semester in Israel but you will never experience the way of life during those tours.

-Hannah Darr Holtzcher

To experience the land of Israel for 3 months is just amazing! The travel is paired perfectly with time in the classroom and the directors are the sweetest family ever.

-Bernadette Loibl


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