What People Say

This place (ccbc Jerusalem) completely changed my life. If you ever dreamed of seeing the Holy Land, this is the absolute best way to experience it. Studying the scriptures while visiting the places you’re reading about and living among the people is unlike anything I could ever explain.

Chelsea Beers Spring (pictured up top) Spring 2017

I will forever cherish the memories, people and teaching during this season at CCBC Jerusalem. Transformative, you won’t be the same going here.

Emerson Galaang spring 2020

Attending CCBC in Jerusalem three years ago was an experience that I will never forget. I am so thankful for all the Lord taught me there.

Emily Breen Fall 2018

Having the opportunity to study the Bible in Israel is an experience that I will never forget! My time at CCBC Jerusalem both challenged and strengthened my relationship with Christ, forever impacting the course of my life. The program emphasizes discipleship, service, and education with an in-depth study of the Life of the Messiah. The Bible becomes so tangibly grasped as students physically observe the history of not just the Old City Jerusalem, but Israel at large. My experience was further enriched by the opportunity to interact with the local population of Jews and Arabs, providing a cultural context of Israel. The fellowship and community of believers provided lasting friendships of a lifetime! I would recommend CCBC Jerusalem to any student looking to grow in their walk with Jesus and to be further equipped to serve in their role of the body of Christ.

Ben Farley Spring 2019

Favorite place ever. Best program ever. 10/10 recommended!

Ree Brown Spring 2016

The semester I spent in Israel was one of the most life changing experiences I have had. The people you’ll meet and the places that you see are incredible. But the part that was most valuable to me, was the knowledge and love for my God that I gained while living there.

Charity Beck spring 2017

By far, one of the most challenging, most fruitful and most precious seasons of my walk with God. Are you looking to grow? Are you looking to learn? Are you looking to experience Jesus and the Holy Land in a new way? Pray about attending CCBC Jerusalem. He is faithful.

Savanah Cooley fall 2019

This was a life changing experience. Highly recommend!

Hannah Olsen spring 2020

My semester in Jerusalem was the best three months of my life! I will never forget the friends I made, the experiences we had together, and the ways we grew in the Lord. Living in the old city of Jerusalem is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you really don’t know how incredible it is, until you actually do it! I would go back and do it all again in a heartbeat. I give all glory to God for blessing me with such a wonderful season of life, and I thank the Lord for Matt and Elizabeth and all the hard work, discipleship, teaching, and praying that they do for the students.

Solomon Brase spring 2018

If you are wanting to deepen your relationship with Jesus, and spend 3 months in the most incredible place on earth…10/10 recommend.

Anna Klacik Fall 2017

I genuinely mean this with everything within me. GO GO GO.

Kaela Amorin spring 2018

“I spent two semesters at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Jerusalem and loved every second of it. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I was in the spiritual epicenter of the world, studying the life of Christ with wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ, under the leadership and teaching of wonderful bible teachers. We studied through the Gospels chronologically and got to see many of the historical biblical sites we were reading about. During my time there, I learned more about my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, and also how I should live in light of His sacrificial love for me. I was also able to cultivate deep friendships with my fellow students that have continued to this day. I would highly recommend attending the Bible College in Jerusalem. It’ll be worth it! I wouldn’t take back my time in Jerusalem for anything.”

Andy amaya Spring 2018

Seriously an opportunity of a lifetime!

Evie Hoganson fall 2019

CCBC Jerusalem was an eye opening experience for me in several ways. Of course, the location itself was incredible, being within the walls of the Old City. The simple task of walking to get fresh pita bread for breakfast meant daily engaging with the culture, even getting to know some of the vendors after a while. The tour took us to locations of events in the Bible, giving me a biblical map: I could picture Jesus and the disciples walking through the Kidron Valley up to the ascent of the Mount of Olives for example, because I had walked that path myself.

While the locations are unforgettable, what affected me the most was the teaching. The first night, the campus director spoke about what a true Christian looks like. Where I come from, being a Christian was just a part of the culture. That night I remember thinking to myself, “This is what I’ve been needing to hear.” The visiting teachers also took the Bible very seriously. I really appreciated the  way they handled the word of God with the mature reverence of experienced followers of Christ.

The Lord used CCBC Jerusalem to give me a much needed push to be more intentional and focused in my faith. And obviously, it’s in Jerusalem, which is awesome in itself. Highly reccomended!”

Caleb Greene Fall 2016