What To Expect

Information regarding campus living

  • Jerusalem Housing  The Dorm living is situated in the Christ Church Guest House located within the Old City of Jerusalem inside the Jaffa Gate.  Everyone will share accommodations which include personal bathrooms in each room and access to common kitchen and laundry facilities.

  • Internet  The guest house provides internet connection and there are many higher speed internet-access coffee shops in the area.

  • Money Exchange  The best way to exchange money is by ATM withdrawals or Debit Card usage. It is not recommended to bring excessive amounts of cash.

  • Attire  Some tour sites require (by site rules) long pants or long skirts and tops that completely cover the shoulders in order to enter. Please bring moderate clothes for daily living as well as you will be living within both Jewish and Islamic cultures. You will also need a pair of good walking/hiking shoes.

  • Weather – February and March can  be quite cold in Jerusalem, it is recommended to bring a warm jacket and warm clothes but April and May warm up quickly so you will also need a lighter attire. For the fall semester August, September will be hot, and by November can be cold enough to snow. So try to prepare for both.

  • Toiletries – Are available at the local drugstore but they can be expensive, you may want to consider bringing your own if you are on a tight budget.

  • Health Care  We require that everyone is medically insured (coverage in Israel) while attending one of our locations.

  • Electrical outlets – The adaptors that are used to convert American outlets in Israel are adaptor H and adaptor C. You will need an adaptor, but do not need a converter, for your computer or cell phone. Adaptors are cheap and easy to buy in Jerusalem. However electricity in Israel tends to be sensitive compared to the U.S. It is not recommended to bring American blow dryers or flat irons etc, even if you plan to use a converter or even if the item says that it is good for international use. It is better to purchase these items in country. Typically students will pitch in together to purchase these items and share them. It is also not recommended to bring American power strips.

  • Sim Cards – If you have an unlocked phone it is very easy and inexpensive to purchase a sim card and pre-paid phone service with internet for your stay.

  • Coffee – Yes, we have coffee presses available for student use

Please note – Travel outside of Israel during the 3 month Study Tour is prohibited.