• Who is able to attend? – The CCBC Jerusalem Study Tour program is a teaching site of CCBC Murrieta. Attendees are required to spend one semester at the main campus in Murrieta. We also welcome students who have spent at least one semester on campus, at any affiliate campus of CCBC (online only courses are not eligible at this time).

  • CCBC Jerusalem Study Tour Participant Housing  Participants will stay within the Old City of Jerusalem in the Christian Quarter. Everyone will share accommodations which include personal bathrooms in each room and access to common kitchen and laundry facilities.

  • Internet  There is an internet connection in the student common area and there are many higher speed internet-access coffee shops in the area.

  • Students need to bring a set of twin sized sheets, sleeping bag and at least 1 towel.

  • Money Exchange  The best way to exchange money is by ATM withdrawals or Debit Card usage. It is not recommended to bring excessive amounts of cash.

  • Attire  Some tour sites require (by site rules) long pants or long skirts and tops that completely cover the shoulders in order to enter. Please bring moderate clothes for daily living as well as you will be living within both Jewish and Islamic cultures.

  • Health Care  All Study Tour participants must be medically insured within Israel during their stay.

Please note —

~ A Visa to Israel is not guaranteed but is left to the discretion of the Israeli customs agent at the Israeli border